Day Twelve


Hi there! Our 12 days of Creativity has come to a close and I sincerely hope you enjoyed each day!

I’m sending you all much love and good health and again, THANK YOU for being a part of this creative community. Our connection means so much to me!

Today, I bring you a full length video lesson from one of my portraiture classes, Between Shadow & Light. You will see me work with both hands in this video! Using my non-dominant hand has become very important to me and I hope you give it a go! You may just discover a new kind of freedom in your creating!

I hope you enjoy!


Here is my photo reference…

Hope you enjoy this gift! Much love and joy to you all!





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Day Eleven


Hello artists!

We are almost at the end of our Twelve Days of Creativity - can you believe it?! Today, I’m delighted to share a video from one our wonderful guest teachers, Katrina Koltes. This lesson is Part One of the first project from her beautiful class, Into the Myst. I think you will really enjoy watching Katrina design the composition and get her gorgeous sketch on paper. Katrina has become a dear friend and I so admire her work. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Arting!


Into The Myst - Katrina Koltes


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Day Ten



Hi there artistic beauties!

It’s DAY 10 and today I want to give you a FREE encaustic lesson from my Flight & Feather class! I LOVED creating this class and I poured my heart into it. Birds remain a constant inspiration to me and show up in my work often! Enjoy!

Much Love!




My wonderfully talented friend, Naomi Laviolette has been gracious to give each of you this wonderful song, “Angel In The Snow" as a FREE download. Click the link below and you can enjoy her amazing song during the holidays!

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Day Nine


Hello my friends! How are you faring through the holiday season. I know this can be a tough time for today I’m bringing you a creative meditation from my dear friend, Trina Lee.

PLUS this free digital Print that you can download and keep!




Meditation is proven to relax the mind and body and to increase productivity and creativity. It’s good for you and good for your ART!

So come and give it a go. I promise you feel calmer when you are done.



Here's a little Paint and Pixels sneak peek. It's amazing how rewarding it is to use the iPad to create fabulous art! No need to worry about mess, wasting materials or screwing up!



Want more details on using the fantastic app, Procreate? Here's a helpful PDF to guide you through getting started in creating amazing art on your iPad.

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Paint and Pixels

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Day Eight


Hello dear subscribers,

Can you believe we are already at DAY 8 of our 12 Days of Creativity?

Today, I have three of my all time favorite Instragram artists for you to check out! Instagram is another wonderful source of inspiration and community and if you aren’t on there...I highly recommend it. Think Facebook but WAAAAYYYY more quiet and all visual! It’s an artist’s delight!

Come on over to view these beautiful artists!

The first artist is Jamie Heiden. She creates the most beautiful, digital photography works. Full of mystery, subtly and magic. I just love her work!


The next artist is Emily Jeffords. I have long admired her elegant brushwork and light-filled abstract landscapes. This artist truly expresses an artful life full of joy.


My final pic is artist, Tina Berning! Her art is bold, modern and absolutely gorgeous. I find inspiration in the amazing ways she simplifies form and her unique use of color and pattern.

Now for our video of the day - I'm including this bonus lesson from my class Mobile Art Magic! I show you how you can print out one of your digital creations onto canvas and add more brushstrokes and details! Hope you will try this at home! So much fun! 

***My printer for these canvases -***


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Day Seven


Well hello there! How’s your holiday planning going? It’s DAY 7 of our 12 Days of Creativity and I’m delighted to bring you the entire lesson of my Pastel Portrait Class for FREE! Yah!

Pastels are truly magical and can create amazing brilliant color or whisper soft shades… I hope you enjoy this lesson…

Much love and gratitude!


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Lovely Dancer

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